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I hope the information that follows will be of assistance in deciding how I can help you.


You have taken the first step by actually looking for a Counsellor, so give yourself credit for that. The next step is deciding who you would like to see and then making contact. This will feel like quite a task, however I hope that the information that follows will help you to make that decision. You have come to this website for a reason, so don’t give up now!

You may have reached a point in your life when you feel that you need to ask for help to assist you in trying to deal with an issue, or in trying to understand it, or in coming to terms with it. It could be some form of loss, which includes many events in our life, (e.g. divorce/separation, loss of job, children leaving home, loss of health or mobility etc.) and not just bereavement.

There may be an issue in your life which is causing you distress or anxiety, or it may be that you may not be feeling right about something and you are unable to pinpoint the reason why.

In a welcoming, secure and confidential environment, without judgement, I can help you explore those issues and feelings. We are however all unique and our experiences are unique also, so there is no one size fits all.

By really listening empathetically to what you are saying and reflecting back to you on what I am hearing and feeling, we can work together in overcoming or coming to terms with the issues you may have.

If you are interested in the counselling services which I can provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch today

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